Just over a year ago, Lucite International Singapore (LISPL) embarked upon revisiting the Company’s values while developing an aligned, clear and commonly understood sense of purpose. Now, Lucite International’s (LI) most culturally diverse site is building on its values-based work as the team continues to focus on shaping the future together.

Finished bicycles

First, the LISPL team decided to describe its purpose, or the reasons why each and every one at LISPL challenges themselves to do their best at work each day. LISPL’s purpose is: ‘To be the center of excellence for all manufacturing facets of Alpha MMA technology and an exemplar of LI’s SHE, business, and manufacturing culture; to be the best of the best, to reflect LI’s core values in everything that we do.’


So what has the team been working on most recently? Quee May Tan, HR Manager for LISPL, explained: “At the beginning of November we went to the Focus Adventure Training Center in nearby Sembawang. Originally built as the Royal Navy School in the 1950s, it is now a dedicated teambuilding center that gives visitors a really unique experience. Away from our everyday workplace, it was ideal for getting everyone in the right frame of mind to think a little differently!


“We designed the event to consider four of our key values: focusing on customers and their needs; treating each other with respect and acting with integrity; working together to deliver our promises and being a caring neighbor. One of the most fun elements was when participants formed groups to build bicycles, which we then donated to the local children’s home.


Having an opportunity to reflect on the Company’s key values while considering daily activities and decision making as well as working together on something that took everyone out of their everyday comfort zone was a great way to progress on the values journey. It was definitely another great step towards the LISPL team shaping its future together!”