Topeka Dome v.3

Perhaps best known for retail displays, furniture and accessories there’s now a new application of LuciteLux® L (known as Perspex® in Europe). The newly refurbished Rainforest building at Topeka Zoo in Kansas, United States has completely replaced all of its skylight domes using Lucite International’s LuciteLux® L Clear continuous cast acrylic sheet.

The scheme’s designer was looking for a product that would offer excellent optical clarity, superior craze resistance, easy cleaning, and high performance in all weather conditions – particularly with the skylights being exposed to extreme temperatures and UV attack. The scale of the skylights demanded an extra-large size sheet in order for the fabricator, AIA Industries, to complete the project seamlessly. And the skylights were made from with .236 thickness, which was easy to thermoform and fabricate in line with the designer’s specification. The high molecular weight and design of LuciteLux® continuous cast acrylic products makes these and many more high performance characteristics possible.

With the new LuciteLux® skylights in place, visitors can explore the Rainforest in a bright new environment while Zoo staff can appreciate the new, low-maintenance, easy to keep clean solution.

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