Welcome to a new generation of acrylic polymer technology from Lucite International. TufCoat™ is specifically designed to provide proven enhanced scratch and abrasion resistance for injection moulding applications.

The introduction of TufCoat™ by Lucite International demonstrates our continued willingness and technical ability to provide bespoke acrylic polymer grades to meet the requirements of our customers. TufCoat™ offers a number of benefits:

– Enhanced abrasion resistance with excellent gloss retention

– Exceptional high gloss

– Excellent weatherability

– Clear and color variants available

– Ease of processing

TufCoat™ is the perfect solution for injection moulding applications; be it glossy casements for electrical items like coffee machines and control panels for dishwashers, to the sleek dashboard controls of automotive vehicles.

Nick Curtis, Market Development Manager for our polymers business, spoke about how the idea for TufCoat™ was born; “After discussions with existing customers to understand what else they needed from PMMA we analysed their feedback using our internal Polymer Innovation Assessment Procedure and the need for an enhanced scratch and abrasion resistance product was highlighted as an opportunity for us to take forward and deliver.”

Available within the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, TufCoat™ has not only been rigorously tested to meet industry recognised standards of scratch resistance, but also against many application specific standards required to meet the needs of customer.

TufCoat™ is available as a clear acrylic polymer or in a wide array of colour variants. In fact, by using bespoke formulations, our polymers team in Rozenburg, Netherlands, can work closely with you to ensure TufCoat™ meets your requirements.

Take a look this video to see some of the benefits of our TufCoat™ acrylic polymer.

If you would like more information about TufCoat™ or any of our acrylic polymers please contact our team in Rozenburg to discuss your requirements by telephone on +31 (0) 181-233233 or email at [email protected].