Taipei International Building, Construction & Decoration Exhibition just gets bigger and better every year. With the latest visitor figures reaching almost 80,000 that means a lot of potential for conversations about acrylic! As usual, Kaohsiung Monomers Co. (KMC), our operation in Taiwan, didn’t miss this yearly event. What made it so special this time was joining up with colleagues at Mitsubishi Rayon Co. (MRC) to offer a whole new range of exciting products.

David Lin, Downstream Business Manager at KMC said: ‘We attend the Taipei Building Show every year and are always dedicated to find new things to show and talk about but I would say our most recent presence gave us a uniquely different experience. After a number of discussions with our colleagues from MRC, we agreed to showcase Shinkolite™ FR, MRC’s brand new flame-retardant acrylic sheet product, which was launched in Japan in July 2015.”

During the four-day exhibition, members of the MRC’s acrylic sheet business team were available in the booth to support the launch of the ground breaking flame retardant product to visitors. The flame-retardant acrylic sheet is approved to JIS K6911 and UL94-V0 and is suitable for use in traffic signs for underpasses and tunnels, for advertisement signs and identity fittings at gas stations, and at chemical plants and other potentially hazardous premises. It is also ideal for use in public and private spaces with high people traffic, for commercial interior decoration and partitioning and for many more applications that are still to be defined.

Visitors to the booth ranged from acrylic sheet distributors to builders, interior designers and lighting manufacturers; all showed tremendous interest in Shinkolite™ FR. They exchanged ideas with the MRC team on market development opportunities and discussed their own specific needs. Eric Wang, Downstream Technical Service Manager at KMC added: “Our MRC colleagues were delighted with the exhibition and commented that it was definitely a very successful launch opportunity for the new Shinkolite™ range of flame retardant products. In terms of the wider perspective of the MRC Group, being able to work together across companies to share resources, business ideas and co-operate fully means so much more.”

For many years, KMC has participated in Taiwan’s major building show and held the annual acrylic design contest – aiming not only to connect group resources and integrate the company into the acrylic supply chain in Taiwan, but also to cultivate relationships with designers while developing acrylic applications in building and other segments. Partnering at this recent exhibition was a fantastic opportunity to illustrate how powerful it is to work together as one within the MRC Group; learning from one another, sharing our product offer and resources, growing connections within existing and new sectors and, most importantly, enhancing the competitiveness of both KMC and MRC.