Each year the Lucite® SPA acrylic team, based at Lucite International’s (LI) Americas HQ in Memphis, TN, launches a new range of colors to spa manufacturers and dealers across the region. We go behind the scenes to find out what’s involved in bringing these new colors to market.



The journey from color trend prediction to sample spa

Each year, Beth Almond, ASID member (American Society of Interior Design), and color consultant who has worked with the Lucite® SPA acrylic team for many years, gathers information after the annual US-based International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo (IPSPE).

She also attends the annual Color Marketing Group Conference to learn about trend predictions and supplements her findings with inspiration from magazines and research before recommending the color themes to pursue to the Lucite® SPA team.


Next, samples of color chips, fabrics, paints and more are gathered together and then matched in cast acrylic sheet form using various concentrations of the different color pigments. At this time sample spas are also thermoformed from the experimental acrylic sheets using the semi-tech facility on-site at LI. These thermoformed spas provide the best possible basis for the color team and Business Manager for Acrylic Surfaces, Chris Robinson, to assess the quality and marketability of the new developments.


Having a dedicated in-house team and semi-tech development laboratory on-site allow a fast and efficient means of adjusting the formulations before the final new colors are approved and added to the existing Lucite® SPA acrylic range.


What’s the time frame from idea to new colors launch?

An easy question to answer – one full year! The process begins with information gathering in November. By February of the following year all the information is approved and shared with the color team. The first run of new colors comes through in June.


The next few months involve tweaking and reassessing the acrylic sheet product so that the new colors are ready for launch with all support promotional material at the following IPSPE.