Braun Medical Inc, a medical device company with a rich history of breakthrough innovation, wanted to showcase its contribution to the medical world in the executive area of its United States headquarters. The aim was to share more than a century of the company’s history with employees, customers, suppliers and visitors alike. The marketing team at Braun created an initial concept of their ideas and from there Valley Wide Signs and Graphics of Allentown, PA, USA engineered, fabricated and installed an illuminated 40′ long by 30″ high company timeline accompanied by a similar sized product portfolio.

Valley Wide Signs chose our branded LuciteLux® Light Guide Panels (LGP) for its unique lighting capabilities and superior depth of color when lit for the installation. The artwork is printed in reverse and applied to the back of the sign to create visual dimension and to prevent scratching. U-channels incorporated into the rails on the top and bottom press LEDs against the material for optimal illumination and conduct the heat away from the LEDs.

“Steven Gingras, President of Valley Wide Signs and Graphics commented: “It was LuciteLux® LGP that brought the vision of this concept to life. Early in our search for materials we realized that traditional acrylic didn’t have what it takes. LGP’s unique properties provided even illumination and allowed us to achieve the wow-factor and lit floating effect we were aiming for in the design.”