Our Fite Road facility has just sponsored the first course of the Industrial Readiness Training (IRT) in collaboration with the Memphis Workforce Development. The IRT, a four and a half week program held by Southwest Tennessee Community College, is designed to concentrate on the local community’s manufacturing industry, along with a focus on Mid-Southerners looking to be employed in that sector.

Industrial Readiness Training


The program’s goal is for local manufacturers, educational institutions and the Workforce Investment Network (WIN) and its partners to work together in creating a pipeline of skilled workers to meet the increasing demands of manufacturing employers. The IRT also aims to prepare local Mid-South job seekers with the skills necessary for securing a job in manufacturing. The training teaches and measures foundation, technical, academic and interpersonal knowledge and skills identified by local industry leaders as critical to long-term employee success.


After completing the IRT program, students demonstrate significant improvement in both ACT WorkKeys® testing and Scientific Management Techniques’ (SMT) mechanical aptitude and instinct testing. WorkKeys® measures ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ skills essential to a modern workplace environment, while SMT’s assessments identify pre-existing skill sets and skill levels and measure a broad range of mechanical skills. Many Fortune 500 manufacturers will not hire without using SMT’s assessment programs.


More importantly, after completing the program, IRT graduates often encounter more favorable hiring prospects in desirable industrial and manufacturing jobs. This leads to more successful job placements in careers that are fulfilling and rewarding to employees.


In addition to there being no costs involved in LI’s participation, this program will help the Company’s Fite Road facility gain qualified, skilled workers to help contribute to the continued success of the plant and Lucite International as a whole.