Today is the United Nations’ World Day for Safety and Health at Work. This annual international campaign promotes safe, healthy and decent working environments, and has been observed by the International Labor Organization since 2003.

“Having a passion for safety, health and the environment (SHE)” is Lucite International’s number one priority and a core value for all who work for the Company. It’s a value which sees us strive to continuously improve the SHE performance across our entire business; our aim is always to be world class.




Our safety responsibility is not restricted to our sites alone – the safe working culture extends to all employees, whatever their role and wherever they operate. And those in our wider communities often benefit too. For example, at LI’s Cassel site in the UK, strong safety performance is recognized by an award scheme for local charities. Provided that specific SHE targets are met, the Company donates to charities chosen by employees, which in turn make a real difference to those causes they are set up to help.

While our commitment is to continuously improve, we are immensely proud to have achieved strong SHE performance in recent years. For example, during the construction of our brand new Alpha technology MMA production plant in Singapore, the project achieved six million man-hours without a lost time injury. And during a recent overhaul of our MMA production facility in Beaumont, Texas, US, 578 contractors from 37 different companies completed 130,000 man-hours of work with zero recordable injuries. These results are just two of the many examples that demonstrate how our passion for SHE is shared among all who work with us, and how together we continue to deliver our safety promises.

Safety at LI is not something restricted to the workplace. One of our longest-serving employees in the US enjoyed a 50-year career where his passion for safety shone through and took him on a number of journeys in roles both within and outside of the Company, including working with Tennessee Emergency Management Agency as one of the very few civilian instructors in emergency response.

Our ongoing commitment to achieving the highest levels of safety performance will always remain. It is vital to ensure that all LI employees and our partners return home to their families safely each day. In the coming weeks, we will feature a series of articles speaking to some of LI’s people who guide our SHE vision, to learn more about their work in a global chemicals company.