Gaining ‘approved fabricator’ status from Perspex Distribution Limited (PDL) is a mark of quality craftsmanship, experience and dependability. Clients using Perspex® acrylic see their ideas transformed into reality by approved fabricators who, in many cases, enjoy a relationship with the material going back many years.

At Lucite International, we really value the incredible work our approved fabricators do using our Perspex® acrylic and love to hear from them about how it helps them to build their own businesses while delighting their customers through the projects they work on together.

We spoke to Wrights Plastics, based in West Bromwich, UK about their work.

Tell us a bit about your company’s history – how long have you been trading and what made you decide to form?

WP: Wrights Plastics was founded in 1969, so we are looking forward to celebrating a half century in business in 2019. The company was set up by the present Managing Director’s father, and the company remains family-run, with the third generation now working alongside Mike Wright in the running of the company.

How many people work within your business?

WP: We have around 100 people.

How would you describe your company’s ethos?

WP: Despite our long history, we are always moving forward. This might be through the acquisition of businesses that fit with our core business (Wrights Plastics acquired point-of-sale brand GPX in 2010 and display specialist Mid West Displays in 2016), the development of new services or use of new materials (such as Solid Surface), or our investment programme in the latest technologies.

What sets you apart from your competitors/makes you unique?

WP: Lots of things, but perhaps our experience in fabrication across a wide range of sectors is what makes us stand out. You’ve never “seen it all” in any business, but over 50 years we’ve seen a lot – whether contributing to a 1000 bottle wine tower for a leading hotel brand or working with Perspex® acrylic to develop innovative lightweight panels for the nation’s favourite retailer – and our design skills, manufacturing experience, support teams plus early adoption of cutting edge technology make our offering unparalleled.

What types of customer do you supply?

WP: We work across a number of sectors. In retail display we work directly with customers such as Marks & Spencer and Selfridges, or with retail design agencies, retail specialists and branding agencies. As a supplier of components and parts for industry and the automotive trade, our products can be found in applications as varied as traffic lights, cars, lawn mowers – even driverless pods.

What’s your favourite kind of customer?

WP: As you can gather, we love a challenge so any project that puts our skills to the test is always exciting!

What do you like about working with Perspex® acrylic – which of its qualities make it stand out?

WP: We are always happy to use the Perspex® brand name in our case studies and presentations, as it is recognised as a symbol for quality even for clients who know little about acrylic. The range of products and the colour options within those ranges means we can usually meet our clients’ needs.

Tell us about a favourite project that you’ve been involved with using Perspex® acrylic?

WP: There have been lots, but one of our favourites, despite its simplicity, was the use of Perspex® acrylic to create presentation football cases for the Premier League’s ‘Debut Ball’ scheme in 2016.

The scheme aimed to recognise ‘home grown’ footballing talent and every qualifying player who made their Premier League debut was given the presentation case. We were honoured to work with the Premier League on such a prestigious initiative. Players who received it included Marcus Rashford and Dele Alli – not sure what happened to them!


How do you see the future use of Perspex® evolving and what’s your thinking behind this?

WP: We don’t see any great changes in the immediate future – and we believe the Perspex® brand will continue to develop new products and meet new challenges. Sustainability is increasingly important for our customers – largely driven by public concerns. As a Level 1 supplier to Marks & Spencer, we have been motivated to set challenging environmental targets; we’ll choose materials that are always reducing their impact on the environment and we’ll look to Perspex® acrylic to be at the forefront of this.