RMHC Pantry Drive

(Pictured: The Pantry Drive Team)

A year-long commitment to support the Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMHC) in Memphis, USA with monthly themed events is going brilliantly! Earlier this year, The Lucite Center (TLC) held a pantry drive to fill up the house’s communal kitchen cupboards. Employees donated enough home essentials to fill three cars full of supplies. These much needed items allow families to come home after long days at the hospital without having to worry about what their children will eat, and if they have what’s needed to clean up afterwards.

TLC also hosted a Jeans Day whereby people could wear summer casuals for two, three or four days in return for $10, $15, $20 donations respectively. The Bake Off was one of the most highly anticipated events with employees’ freshly baked pies, cookies, cakes, and brownies being auctioned off to coworkers. During the summer, over $1,000 in cash donations was raised for housing and caring for families.

As we approach the end of the year, yet more events are lined up to support RMHC. In November, TLC will be hosting a meal for families at the Ronald McDonald House, allowing families to enjoy quality time together on what is sure to be a special occasion. A festive theme follows in December with TLC planning to decorate a Christmas tree at the House with LuciteLux® acrylic ornaments, helping bring some jovial Christmas spirit to residents.

The generosity of our people will certainly help RMHC continue to provide a home away from home support to these children and their loved ones.